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173 Officers Graduate from Blended Induction

173 Officers Graduate from Blended Induction

One hundred and seventy-three (173) probation officers graduated on April 19, 2024, from an intensive one-and-a-half-month course held at the Kenya School of Government. This group of officers is the first cohort to complete the in-person training phase of the blended Induction Program, which took place at KSG Baringo Campus.

The program is designed to strengthen the capacity of newly recruited probation officers through online learning, work-based projects, webinars, coaching, and weeklong in-person training. It is a result of a collaborative effort between the Kenya School of Government and the State Department for Correctional Services, under which Probation and Aftercare Services (PACS) operates.

The second cohort of the in-person learning program is scheduled to take place at KSG Baringo from next week April 22, 2024.

By the end of the training initiative, three hundred and fifty-seven (357) newly recruited probation officers will have been prepared to take up their roles in probation and aftercare services across the country.

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