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Dr. Bii unveils nine-point agenda

Dr. Bii unveils nine-point agenda

Kenya School of Government Baringo Campus is heading down the home stretch to the end of the 2023/2024 financial with focus and resolve.

With less than eight months before taking stock of the implementation of goals penned in the work plan, the Campus is on a mission to contribute to the leap forward of the School through full implementation of its work plan.

The Management of the Campus banks on culture turnaround to cement its influence in articulating government plans for improved understanding and implementation by the entire workforce in all ministries, counties and agencies.

In a Heads of Department meeting at the Campus last week, Baringo Campus Director Dr. John Bii spoke passionately about ethics and values as the pedestal he seeks to utilize in making Campus goals and objectives take off.

As such, plans to reinvigorate the Ethics and Values Committee at the Campus have begun in earnest to enhance ethical practices and engender compliance with the Constitution of Kenya, Public Officers Ethics Act and the School’s values amongst the staff.

To surpass the targets, Dr. Bii in his nine-point agenda has urged staff to continue entrenching a results-based management system in their operations.

“KSG is relied upon as the facilitator of a disciplined, committed and determined public service in the country, dependable as the engine capable of effectively and efficiently implementing government goals articulated in the Kenya Kwanza Agenda. We must first elicit an amiable culture for replication in the entire public service,” he told the team.

Dr. Bii recognized staff support and commitment as significant to the realization of the goals and aspirations of the School and advised all to work harmoniously and support each other.

“The effort we put in today at our respective roles determines the overall satisfaction we shall derive come June 2024. We have to entrench productive work ethics at our individual and departmental levels. It would also be impactful if we extend this knowledge of performance-based management systems to other areas of our lives like family, community, and society,” said the Director.

As part of the resolutions, the Campus will progressively pursue partnerships and collaborate with organizations and agencies within the catchment for the KSG’s overall growth. The Office of the Director Linkages and Collaboration will be on hand in this pursuit to ensure Baringo Campus in focus harmonious and school-wide eengagements. Faculty members are committed to supporting the Office of the Director Academic Affairs in developing new programs and re-crafting the current ones to conform to national priorities and trends.

The Director commits to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement through appreciation of innovations among staff, encouraging employee feedback and using insight to improve performance, adopting technology and digital platforms and more.

Notably, the leadership seeks to see that the Campus remains a going concern through financial growth and sustainability, diversification of revenue streams, adherence to KSG finance policy and procedure manual, and implementation of other policy and instruments for growth and development.

Facelifts and modernization of the Campus have already commenced to improve recreation facilities and unleash more extracurricular activities such as cultural events, clubs, games, music, and community outreaches, among other get-togethers for enhancing staff, community and course participants synergic relations.

Resource mobilization:

Apart from achieving the mandate area, the Campus is venturing into other income-generating activities such as bottled water production, livestock keeping and growing vegetables.

Baringo Campus will continue to produce bottled water at its brand Equatorial Water for internal use and delivery to the Embu and Lower Kabete campuses and pursue distribution within the major towns and cities.

The Campus expansive arable land already has fresh food items such as vegetables, green maize, milk, and beef, with a plan to introduce apiculture as an overall income generation and community support program.

Furthermore, community outreach and engagement will be close to the Campus as the leadership seeks to deepen engagements with local communities by assessing their needs and seeking plausible ways of meeting them collaboratively with other government institutions and development partners.

As Henry Ford once remarked, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” The Campus will achieve substantial development and support delivery of training programs, think tanking services, sustainability and community empowerment if the fraternity of the Campus works harmoniously, each member deploying their significant skills to the overall institutional strengthening.

The meeting by the Heads of Departments was a meaningful platform for discussions, sharing insights, and charting a path towards the Campus preparedness to offer difference-making training programs, consultancy services, policy advice, outreach programs and conferencing facilities in the region.

The collective wisdom and commitment of the management team promises a brighter future for the Campus and a conduit for the implementation of resolutions made by Council and School management at the Campus.

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