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Former Baringo Campus Boss Befitting Fete

Former Baringo Campus Boss Befitting Fete

Dr. Leiro Letangule, former Director Kenya School of Government Baringo Campus, took over the mantle of leadership in 2015, a critical point when it was transforming into a Campus of KSG. The then Government Training Institute required radical changes in infrastructure and remodelling of the staff culture to match the repute of a state agency and the only School of Government in Kenya.

Being at the helm of the Campus at that point, he institutionalized significant reforms to chart the way and move the Campus in tandem with the speed necessary to accelerate the growth and vision of the Director General.

To achieve the targets and owing to the unique needs of its physical location, Dr. Letangule and his team had to double their efforts as much relative to other campuses. It meant he had to consolidate and synergize every resource available to improve, refurbish and build additional critical infrastructure to support the delivery of services to match the stature of KSG.

During the seven and a half years of his tenure, the Campus witnessed major milestones that made it a preferred training destination, key among them being the upgrade of infrastructure, robust landscaping, consistent maintenance, carpeting of most roads and walkways, construction of Prof. F. Kibera cottages, establishment and operationalization of the water bottling plant, alongside the general renovations that have continued to make the campus a preferred destination for training.

In honour of his legacy, the management of KSG Baringo Campus deemed it necessary to organize a farewell party and thanksgiving ceremony on Friday, December 15, 2023.

KSG Baringo Campus Director Dr. John Bii took cognizance of the many years that Dr. Leiro was on the Campus, noting that during the term, he midwife key projects that are now signature projects of the Campus.

“From where you left, we have continued with various projects and programs to strengthen our capacity to deliver high-quality service to our clients. During your tenure at this great Campus, you projected humility, grace and kindness to others. I appreciate how you always shared your success with your team, and your love for the country is one of the reasons you rise to the top!”

The Director General of the School, Prof. Ludeki Chweya, summarized the personality of Dr. Leiro as a humble man and a go-getter. He thanked him for his monumental achievements during his tenure.

Prof. Chweya also challenged the current Director, Dr. Bii, to keep up the work done by his predecessor and raise the bar even higher.

“Today, we have Dr. Bii as your leader. But most importantly, he needs your help because, no matter how capable he is, he cannot manage the Campus alone. I pledge to support you in modernizing this Campus, introducing a more diverse menu and constructing of 100-room hostel facility soon,” said Prof. Chweya.

The current Campus Director was praised by Prof. Chweya for being a fine individual with extensive experience in public service, a strong performer, and a committed professional competent in their field of specialization.

The DG went ahead to congratulate Dr. Letangule for the opportunity to serve the nation at a higher capacity.

“This demonstrates the confidence the government has in the KSG team, who are equipped with knowledge and experience in the public sector. I wish Dr. Letangule luck as he offers his expertise in the crucial water sector,” said Prof. Chweya.

Commenting on faculty members Dr. Kimeli Chirchir and Mr. Michael Ang’anyo, who also serve in administrative roles at the KEWI, the DG urged staff to utilize the provision of leave of absence at the School and seek higher responsibility in the public service as it would expose them to experiences that would be useful in providing guidance and improving their performance once they resume duty at the School.

He described their appointment at KEWI, for example, as an opportunity to experience new perspectives that would enrich the delivery of the School’s mandate once they resume duty from the leave of absence.

Speaking during the ceremony, Hon. Elizabeth Chesang, the Chairperson of the National Council for Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD), expressed that the leadership of the Baringo region have taken note of the exceptional way in which the Baringo Campus is run and has gained international approval because of foresight of the leadership, diligent workforce as well as its magnificent and spacious conference facilities.

Head of Departments at the Campus spoke passionately about Dr Letangule, whom they served the past seven and a half years. The Business Development Manager, Ms. Eddah Cheruiyot, described him as a patient leader one who is ready to listen and available to guide others.

“A real father is a listener, he is patient, and he is a teacher. When you are close to people whom you work with you develop attachment,” urged Ms. Cheruiyot.

Dr. Letangule had this to say, “Moving forward, please continue sharing the camaraderie of remarkable resilience, zeal, and synergy. Purpose to remain a community with an uncommon capacity to weather challenges, learn, adapt and move forward. That you will continue doing so, individually and collectively, matters a great deal — not just to what happens on campus from day to day, nor the realm of ideas, but to the prospects for progress and enlightened actions for this Campus.”

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