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Baringo Campus Holds “Zilizopendwa” musical performance


Baringo Campus Holds “Zilizopendwa” musical performance

Even when other communication channels have sometimes proven challenging to convey a
message, music remains a powerful way to express oneself as it breaks down barriers to unity,
affording relaxation, entertainment, healing, education, physical health and peacemaking.
Listening to music can bring comfort to you in depressing situation; it can even uplift and inspire
those at a point of giving up. The music, movement, and lyrics are potent connectors in a
barrier-free environment, bringing people together and build identities. Additionally, music is
said to rejuvenate the soul and elevate the spirit; relaxation, expression, and human connection
are at the heart of music.
After notable commitment to work, staff and course participants at KSG Baringo Campus
retreated to a get-together cum dinner on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.
Dubbed Classical Zilizopendwa Musical Experience Dinner, the event sought to break the
monotony of routine and enhance interaction and connections amongst those who attended.
Keen to build cohesiveness and positively influence staff-client relationships, the School
regularly holds social events to appreciate inclusivity and the richness in diversity.
Some anticipated social benefits from the get-togethers include rest, solidarity, community
empowerment, civic pride, and even tolerance.
Zilizopendwa denotes popular music composed in the yesteryears of 1960s to the 1980s
nowadays played a lot in social functions, music festivals, and national celebrations. Though the
songs have undergone various transformations, the longevity, flavour, and musical tales of
Zilizopendwa have endured and continue to be popular across generations without fading away.
Dr. John Bii, Campus Director and host of this exclusive dinner, is fond of these social events
that are held at the School. At the Zilizopendwa Musical Dinner, the Director urged the party to
carry with them the spirit of brotherhood, embrace diversity and nurture solidity in communities
despite their differences to advance unity and help shun divisive tribal alignments.
Just like the music that has stood the test of time with longevity and its appealing flavor, the
Director encouraged the guests to focus on impactful service delivery and the yearning to leave
behind a rich legacy that will be enjoyed by the coming generations. They should reflect on their
contribution towards the bigger goal of national development, as they also look into their own
individual enhancement in their respective areas of competence adding that KSG is and
remains upbeat about harnessing camaraderie not forgetting professionalism.
“As this occasion brings us together as mortar and bricks, it should also empower us to keep
sight of our various mandates. It should also enable us to create a conducive environment for
delighting in our customers,” he stated.
Representing course participants, Mr. Philip Koech of the Strategic Leadership Development
Program (SLDP), acknowledged the efforts of the Kenya School of Government in building cohesion across the nation. “We are delighted to be at KSG, a home where we have found
every conceivable good,” he said.

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