Training of Trainers for Entrepreneurship (4 Weeks)

Course Objectives

  • To impart knowledge and skills to trainers of entrepreneurship development for effective design and delivery of training.

Target Group

  • Youth Development Officer
  • Youth Training Officers Social Development Officers
  • Trainers on Entrepreneurship
  • Gender Development Officers
  • Adult Education Officers/trainers

Important Note

Other activities to be catered for on the time-table include:

  • Registration, Climate setting and Introductions    -         2 hrs.
  • Official opening                                                  -       2 hrs.
  • Educational tour                                                 -       6 hrs.
  • Course Evaluation and Closing                           -        2 hrs.

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Course Content


The Role of Training in Entrepreneurship Development

  • The concept of entrepreneurship
  • The concept of training
  • Role of training in developing entrepreneurship

4 hours

Policy Framework for Entrepreneurship  Development

  • Role of Government and Private Sector in entrepreneurship development       
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Role of entrepreneurship in National Development

4 hours

The Business Environment

  • Element of the business environment
  • Scanning the business environment
  • Generation of viable business ideas

4 hours

Preparation of business plans

  • Components of a good business plan
  • Challenges in the preparation of business plans

6 hours

Overview of the Training Cycle

  • Identifying training needs
  • Designing a training programme
  • Implementing training
  • Evaluating and feedback

6 hours

Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

  • Meaning of the term TNA
  • Factors related to TNA
  • Levels of TNA
  • Sources of TNA
  • Process of TNA
  • Methods of data collection
  • Considerations in conducting a TNA

4 hours

Budgeting and Financing Training Programmes

  • Drawing a training budget
  • Sources of training finance
  • Challenges in financing training

4 hours

Designing Training Programmes

  • Developing training and learning objectives
  • Determining the training content
  • Determining the training methodology and duration
  • Determining the training venue, materials & equipment required

10 hours

Training Methodology

  • Lesson design and development
  • Learning and instructional styles
  • Programme evaluation
  • Training Methods

    - Advantages
    - Disadvantages

10 hours

Adult Learner

  • Characteristics of adult leaner
  • Distinctions between Pedagogy and Andragogy

2 hours

Adult Trainer

  • Roles of an adult trainer
  • The skills of an adult trainer
  • Characteristics of adult trainer

4 hours

Learner Assessment

  • Methods of assessment
  • Levels of testing
  • Determining the test items

2 hours

Training Evaluation

  • Purpose of evaluation
  • Types of evaluation
  • Evaluation Report

2 hours

Management of Micro and Small Enterprises

  • The start-up of process of an enterprise
  • Key concepts in MSEs management
  • Challenges and opportunities in managing MSE

4 hours

Proposal and Report Writing

  • Attributes of a good report/ proposal
  • Generating and reforming business ideas
  • Converting ideas into projects
  • Writing proposals and reports

4 hours

Communication Skills

  • Nature of communication
  • Means of communication
  • Principles of communication
  • Methods of communication
  • Media of communication
  • Barriers of communication

4 hours

Life Skills

  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Trauma management
  • Nutrition and health
  • Work life balance
  • Team building

6 hours

ICT and E-Government

  • Introduction to computer and operating systems
  • Microsoft word, excel and Publisher
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Concept of E-Government
  • Opportunities and challenges of E-Government

6 hours

Public Service Reforms and Vision 2030

  • Purpose of Public Service Reforms
  • Development of public service reform strategies
  • Public service reform components and challenges
  • The role of Ministries in implementing vision 2030

2 hours

Performance Management

  • The concept of performance management
  • Performance planning
  • Analysing and monitoring performance
  • Improving and sustaining performance
  • Performance management in the public sector
  • Performance contracting

2 hours

Ethics and Integrity

  • Meaning of ethics and integrity
  • Importance of ethics to an organization
  • Indicators of low integrity in an organization
  • Unethical issues at workplace
  • Legislative framework for ethics and integrity in the public service

2 hours

Practicum on Training Design & Delivery

Micro teaching

- Preparation
- Presentation
- Critique

6 hours

Public Service Exit Strategies

  • Forms of Exit from the Public Service.
  • Concept of Retirement from Public Service
  • Preparation for Retirement from Public Service
  • Post Retirement Challenges

4 hours

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